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Shrubs for the Fall

snell_shrubs_400Shrubs are very important in the landscape, and with our numerous varieties you are sure to find what you're looking for. They can help frame a garden bed or soften the foundation of your house. Shrubs can help create a tone to a garden and are usually the building blocks to any new landscape. Evergreen shrubs are shrubs that retain their leaves or needles year-round. Deciduous shrubs can be flowering and non-flowering and will lose their leaves in late fall but will return again in spring. Our staff can help you find the perfect plants.

Dwarf Burning Bush
(Euonymus alatus 'Compactus')
bushy & compact, with corky bark. Green leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall. Good for borders & screens Deciduous. Grows 6'-8' tall & wide.
'Sienna Sunrise' Nandina
(Nandina domestica)
A shrub with a tight, compact growth habit that requires minimal maintenance. An amazing array of fiery colors grace the foliage ranging from red, orange and yellow to bronzy tones, remniscent of a beautiful sunrise. 3'-4' tall 2' wide.
'Little Henry' Dwarf Sweetsprire
(Itea virginica)
A compact sweetspire! Little Henry starts out the summer with a beautiful display of fragrant white flowers that blanket the shrub. As summer progresses shiny, disease-free foliage takes over until fall when the foliage turns a stunning garnet-red. Perfectly suited for covering large banks, beds and borders. 2'-3' tall and wide
'Vanilla Strawberry' Hydrangea
This hydrangea paniculata's enormous blooms start out a creamy vanilla-white, changing to a soft pink and finally to a ripe strawberry-red. The unique red color lasts for three to four weeks, longer than most hydrangeas of this variety. New blooms keep the multicolored show going throughout the summer and early fall. The extra large blooms are held on strong, red stems that cascade later in the season.
Seven-Son Flower
(Heptacodium miconioides)
Used as a large arching shrub or small multi-stemmed tree, Heptacodium is truly a plant for all seasons. The glossy dark green foliage really sets off the fragrant white flowers that appear in August and September. Then as the sepals turn a pinkish red, the show really begins and continues through autumn. The bark is beautiful as it exfoliates to expose a light brown underbark. Quite adaptable to either moist or dry soil, Heptacodium prefers sun to light shade. 10'-12' tall , 8'-15' wide