5 Teas to Support your Health

Winter is often a reflection time for most people. The idea of self-reinvention, growth and overall healthier habits are particularly top of mind. A big focus is sharing what teas and blends we have to support our steepers who are looking to incorporate tea into their wellness routine. In continuation of our Love of Lists Series, we’re sharing 5 blends that support a healthier YOU.


What? The importance of taking time for oneself is so important for overall happiness. This is no easy feat with the busy lives we lead, but even taking 10 minutes to chill-out on your own can help you feel more grounded. Our favorite thing about ZEN MASTER is how the combination of both black & pu-erh tea types creates a soothing tea experience.

When? With a medium caffeine boost, it’s a great tea to start your day with.


What? Chamomile and citrus orange flavors come together to make this blend a real “hug in a cup” so to speak. It’s refreshing but packed with a lot of bold flavors.

When? At the first signs of stress or anxiety this blend will support a serene state of mind. Caffeine free – it can be enjoyed at moments when you need it most.


What? Everyone treats winter as a re-set time. This tea is a great addition to your wellness routine as it supports overall health. Whether you’re working out or planning on eating cleaner, the anti-oxidants in this blend will nourish your body.

When? Anytime, always! This blend is ideal for when you need a re-set or when you’re working towards a healthier lifestyle.


What? Treating your body with respect is a wellness choice, and there are ultimately no teas that can do all that work for you. Think of this blend as part of your wellness support system.

When? Perfect to beat afternoon cravings, or before any physical activity you plan on doing.


What? We predict 2017 might be the year for Yerba Mate tea. This blend is making big waves in the tea community and for good reason. With twice the anti-oxidants of green tea, it helps keep exhaustion at bay and provides a balanced energy boost. This blend also incorporates a lemon zest for a unique flavor twist.

When? For the days when you’re really feeling it, and just need an extra boost. We’ve got you covered.

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