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Putting on Airs: Tillandsias

Looking for something easy to grow? The air plant, Tillandsia, should be on the top of your list. Tillandsia is the largest genus in the Bromeliad family with over 550 species that vary in color, size, texture and shape. In its native habitat, it will attach itself to trees and rocks using its roots. The […]

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Spring Lawn Renovation

Seeding: If you are planning to seed a new lawn or over-seed an existing one, it is best to seed as early as possible. It is important to get seed germinated and growing before trees begin to leaf out. This is especially true in shaded areas. Keep the area moist at all times until the […]

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6 Reasons to drink Loose Leaf Tea over Bagged Tea

For over a year we have been carrying a brand of Premium Loose Tea called For Teas Sake and we have fallen in love with it! It is a high quality tea that has amazing flavor! It’s decorativeĀ  packaging is perfect for gifting! So why should you choose to drink loose tea over bagged tea? […]

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