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Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants

The key to successful gardening is “healthy soil.” Quite simply, when you feed the soil the proper nutrients, you let the soil feed the plants. So how do you “feed” the soil? First, you need to understand some basic principles about soil and why it is so important, then you can take steps to improve it.

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It’s Pansy Season!

Growing Tips Easy to grow, Pansies are one of the first flowers to welcome spring and if you follow these tips you can grow perfect Pansies. Choose plants with an overall deep green color with plenty of buds for the best results and fastest blooming. Plant in fertile soil where the plant will receive 6 […]

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Tea of the Month – Recipe for a Chai Latte

Tea of the Month is Lets Chai, its aromatic spice blend is perfect for cooler weather. The spices used for Chai date back to Ayurvedic medicine (5000 years) – the spice blend was then added to tea as the tea industry was established by the British. Dark, sweet perfection describes this aromatic spice blend that, […]

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