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Caring for your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

Proper care of your Christmas Tree is the best assurance against a short life due to a loss of moisture, loss of color and needle drop. After you purchase a Fresh tree and bring it home, immediately store it in a shady cool area. After removing 1″ of the trunk, place the end of the […]

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Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants

The key to successful gardening is “healthy soil.” Quite simply, when you feed the soil the proper nutrients, you let the soil feed the plants. So how do you “feed” the soil? First, you need to understand some basic principles about soil and why it is so important, then you can take steps to improve it.

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Bird Feeding 101: Low Maintenance Suet Feeding

Suet is a high-energy brick of animal fat and other ingredients to attract insect-eating birds. Because it is high in fat and calories, it is a quick source of heat and energy for birds and has been used as a good substitute for the insects that birds usually feed upon, but are not plentiful in […]

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