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Sizzle N’ Heat Bird Seed

Sizzle N’ Heat Wild Delight Bird Seed A premium hot blend designed for BIRDS ONLY no Squirrels allowed. Squirrels dominate feeders, create a mess and eat much of the seed, nuts and fruits. After much development and product testing, Sizzle N’ Heat® was created, a squirrel deterrent product. Studies showed it to be a very […]

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Long-Blooming Perennials for Summer

By choosing long-blooming perennial plants, you can capitalize on the best of both worlds – plants that come back from growing season to growing season, and those that bloom for an extended length of time.

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Putting on Airs: Tillandsias

Looking for something easy to grow? The air plant, Tillandsia, should be on the top of your list. Tillandsia is the largest genus in the Bromeliad family with over 550 species that vary in color, size, texture and shape. In its native habitat, it will attach itself to trees and rocks using its roots. The […]

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