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Biokovo Geranium

“So many Geraniums, so little time.” If this is your motto, we completely understand. There are so many fantastic varieties to choose from, but Geranium ‘Biokovo’ is extraordinary. Allow us to tell you why. First, a little clarification regarding geraniums. Unlike our tender summer annual, commonly called “geranium” (genus: Pelargonium), true Geraniums are hardy, low […]

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Begonias for the Home

Begonias are a beautiful and diverse group of plants, with more than 1,500 species. Some are suitable for use as bedding plants or in container gardens, some for hanging baskets and others for indoor cultivation. Begonias are treasured not only for their colorful flowers but also for their unique foliage, and many varieties make spectacular […]

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Sweet Peas, the “Queen of Annuals”

For many of us, it’s the sweet pea that declares, “spring is here!” The colors and sweet fragrance announce the coming of warmer days like no other. The hardest part of growing sweet peas is choosing from the riot of colors. From the palest of pastels to the most vivid of hues (including stripes), reds, […]

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